Nava Bharatha Kalari Sangam, is the leading organization specialized in Tamil Marma Shastra known as 'Adi Thadai' based Kalaripayatt ('Nadaar Reethi') and Siddha & Marma Treatments and is located at Thoppumpady in Cochin, Kerala, India. We offer Authentic Siddha and Marma Treatments for aliments like Fractures, Sprains, Disc related problems, Migraine and other Headaches, Neck Pain, Back Pain, Knee Problems etc. all according to the ancient scriptures of Siddha Medicine, known as the Mother of all Medical Systems on Earth. Dr. P. Kalidasan Gurukkal, the famed Siddha Practisioner, has immense experience in Siddha Medicine and in 'Adi Thadai', the Thekkan (Southern) Style in Kalaripayatt. Dr. P. Kalidasan Gurukkal had undergone decades of un-compromising training in Kalari ('Adi Thadai') under the training of his Master (Late) Sri. Kaylott Mohandas Gurukkal of Olavanna near Calicut (now known as 'Kozhikode').

Nava Bharatha Kalari Sangam
Siddha Marma Chikilzalayam
Kerala Kalaripayattu Reg. No: S.307/2004,
Thoppumpady, Cochin - 682005, Kerala, India
Phone: 0484 2233966, Mob: 98471 37810, E-mail:

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